The Golden Tree

The Golden Tree Providing Exceptional Outdoor Landscaping In Southern California, accompanied with our superb Client service… from design ideas to installation execution -One stop for all your needs…! Residential & Commercial properties

Hardscape. Landscape. Design. Irrigation. Lighting.



Our Hardscape installation services will provide you with the best materials combined with the best craftsmanship! We install Concrete surfaces, Paving, Natural Stone work, Pools & Spas, Cabanas & Gazebos, Patios and Fountains



Landscaping is our Art…. And we are proud of it! We provide quality New Vegetation, Eco. Irrigation systems, Natural Walkways, Synthetic Lawn, Sod, Trees pruning and trimming, Tree removal, Insect and disease control and Mulch installation



Designing an Outdoor Space for every client’s taste and needs, is a matter of experience, persistence and the aspiration to perform perfectly!  Our knowledge and long time service of customers, has accumulated to an easy, flowing and professional design experience.

A watering system dripper dripping onto a flowering ice plant (aptenia cordifolia, Baby Sun Rose).


We specialize in water conservation systems. These Eco Water systems will lower the cost of your Irrigation spending whether you have a tropical garden, or a drought tolerant vegetation.



We say: “If your garden has no accent night lights, you are only using half of it!”. We Provide a beautiful and  professional Low Voltage Lighting system for your garden, so you will always be able to enjoy its soft atmosphere  every worm summer night.

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